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Facebook's push to weed out bad content

Noah Berger / AP

Facebook announced last week it will be making an update to reduce "low-quality links" within its News Feed. The company's internal research shows a small group of people routinely share a bulk of links that feature "clickbait, sensationalism and misinformation." The update will de-prioritize these spam-like articles.

Why it matters: The overall effort to clean up the content on Facebook's platform has escalated since the election, following claims that the platform helped perpetuate pro-Trump fake news. While Facebook's business model is based on scale, its vision is to be a driver of social change, which means it needs to balance inclusivity with discretion. Below are a few of the actions the tech giant has taken to align with these goals.

Go deeper: Despite these efforts, many still believe Facebook could do more to respond quickly to user complaints about content and elevate premium content from publishing partners.