Facebook unveils "portable" Oculus VR headset

Facebook's Oculus Go. Photo: Oculus

At its annual conference focused on its Oculus virtual reality division, Facebook introduced its latest headset: Oculus Go. This is part of the company's ambitious goal of getting 1 billion people in virtual reality, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at the event.

The details: Starting at $199, the Oculus Go "is the most accessible VR experience ever," said Zuckerberg. It will begin to ship in 2018. Notably, it's binary compatible with Gear VR (the Oculus-based VR headset developed by Samsung), meaning that apps and content made for the Gear VR headset will also work with Oculus Go. Dev kits will begin to ship in November so that developers can get a start on creating apps for it. Here's more on the device.