Facebook launches music feature for Stories

Photo: Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images.

Facebook announced Wednesday that users can now add songs and lyrics to photos and videos on Facebook Stories and News Feeds.

Why it matters: The update is a result of improved relationships over rights and distribution between music companies and tech companies. Last year, Facebook and Universal Music struck a multi-year licensing deal for recorded music to be used by all Facebook users on all video platforms. In May, Instagram paired music choices for stories through Spotify. Tuesday, SoundCloud was synced to Instagram stories as well.

Take note: Last week, President Trump passed the music modernization act, which aims to bring copyright law up to speed for the music streaming era. It's intended to improve royalty payouts to ensure that artists are paid more and have an easier time collecting money they are owed.

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Trump team opts to not burn down the house

Trump attorney Jay Sekulow holds the Mueller report as Rep. Adam Schiff and other impeachment managers listen. Photo: Senate TV via AP

On opening day of the defense casePresident Trump's legal team didn't try to burn down the house by going after the Bidens.

The state of play: The team put on a fairly conventional legal rebuttal — trying to poke holes in the House impeachment managers' case, and arguing that Democrats just don't have enough evidence of wrongdoing to throw Trump out of office — especially in a year when he's up for re-election.

Trump approaches speedy acquital

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images.

Officials in both parties tell Axios that — barring surprise new information — President Trump is on a glide path to swift acquittal at his Senate impeachment trial, despite a blizzard of evidence bolstering Democrats' accusations.

Why it matters: Trump has a decent chance of avoiding witnesses and of losing zero Republican votes on conviction. When the news of Trump's Ukraine scandal broke, few thought every single Republican in the House and Senate would have his back. Bill Clinton pined for such unity. 

U.S. evacuates personnel as coronavirus death toll climbs

A health worker checks the temperatures of Chinese travelers arriving in Beijing from Wuhan. Photo: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

56 people have died from an outbreak of a coronavirus strain that originated in Wuhan, China, according to the Chinese National Health Commission.

The latest: The U.S. Embassy in Beijing announced plans to evacuate its Wuhan consulate personnel and some private citizens on a limited-capacity charter flight from the city to San Francisco on Tuesday, per AP, which reports that those "at greater risk from coronavirus" would be prioritized over others.

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