Estonia's huge online voting tally

A woman votes online in Estonia in 2011.
A woman votes online in Estonia. Photo: Raigo Pajula/AFP/Getty Images

In Estonia's parliamentary elections this month, nearly half of the votes cast were submitted online.

Details: The country allows its citizens to vote online during a 6-day window before election day, reports Kalev Aasmae for ZDNet. Estonians cast 247,232 "i-votes," or "internet votes," during that time, using their national ID cards and PINs.

Axios cybersecurity reporter Joe Uchill explains why most countries, including the U.S., don't vote online:

"Voting experts generally oppose online voting because it introduces massive security complications into the process. Connecting voting systems to the internet makes them more vulnerable to hackers, the apps used to do the voting are separately vulnerable, and there's no centralized written record to audit voting accuracy in case something seems awry."

Switzerland's online voting system, for example, was recently found to be vulnerable to a hacker changing votes remotely.