Measure, a drone-as-a-service startup that raised $15 million in Series B funding earlier this year, later today will announce a round extension led by PSP Growth. It also will say that PSP boss Penny Pritzker is joining its board of directors, making it the first corporate board she has formally joined since returning to the private sector after having served as U.S. Commerce Secretary.

  • Why it matters: Measure drones were in the Texas air during Hurricane Harvey, providing aerial shots for Fox News and doing tower inspections for companies like AT&T and Verizon.
  • Related: The WSJ has more on how drones are being used in Harvey recovery efforts.
  • Biz model: Measure basically provides a fleet of drones and full-time drone pilots (mostly military vets), and has begun to productize its service beyond just providing pretty pictures. For example, the company offers a solar farm solution whereby its drones can identify dead panels from the air. It also provides an inspection service for wind turbines, where it detects blade cracks, and the aforementioned telecom tower sight audits that can provide information of the status of antennas. Overall, Measure has around 25 applications for the energy, construction, telecom and media sector.

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Coronavirus dashboard

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

  1. Politics: The swing states where the pandemic is raging — Pence no longer expected to attend Barrett confirmation vote after COVID exposure.
  2. Health: 13 states set single-day case records last week — U.S. reports over 80,000 new cases for second consecutive day.
  3. Business: Where stimulus is needed most.
  4. Education: The dangerous instability of school re-openings.
  5. World: Restrictions grow across Europe.
  6. Media: Fox News president and several hosts advised to quarantine.
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The art and business of political polling

The election is just eight days away, and it’s not just the candidates whose futures are on the line. Political pollsters, four years after wrongly predicting a Hillary Clinton presidency, are viewing it as their own judgment day.

Axios Re:Cap digs into the polls, and what pollsters have changed since 2016, with former FiveThirtyEight writer and current CNN politics analyst Harry Enten.

Twitter launches warnings on election misinformation and delays

Photo: courtesy of Twitter

Twitter will start pinning notices to the top of all U.S. Twitter users’ timelines warning that results in next week’s election may be delayed and that they may encounter misinformation on mail-in voting.

Why it matters: Delayed election results are expected across many states that are handling unprecedented amounts of absentee and mailed ballots, which President Trump has baselessly called "very dangerous" and "corrupt."