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Before media firestorms, decades of assaults

One common trait shared by recent high-profile sexual assault scandals is that it took a major media event for many of the women to come forward with their stories. For some, the alleged assault happened decades ago.

How we collected the data: This visual is based on multiple press reports from other news organizations, all of which covered the alleged assaults in detail. To get more information on them, you can take a look at the underlying data and find the links to the news sources here.

Worth noting: Cosby, Ailes, O'Reilly, and Weinstein were all condemned — and to an extent, punished — once the allegations against them were brought to light. One month after Trump's Access Hollywood tape leaked and more than 20 women came forward with allegations of sexual assault, he was elected president.


Trump's Twitter typos

Lazaro Gamio / Axios

We've gathered some of President Trump's more notable mistakes on Twitter, the social network where he has 37 million followers.

The latest example came on Friday, when he tweeted "heeled" instead of "healed" to refer to Texas recovering from Hurricane Harvey.

Other examples:


How America makes electricity

The Energy Department is gearing up to soon release a study on America's power grid. The anticipation has highlighted the inherent conflict between different electricity sources, and its release will exacerbate those tensions.

Here is what you need to know about America's different electricity sources.


My 6 Big Things: Chelsea Handler shares her quirks, life hacks

Once a month, as a Saturday treat, Axios checks in with the world's most interesting and consequential people on their passions, quirks and life hacks.

Today, with the help of my colleagues Evan Ryan and Molly Mitchell, our breakfast conversation is with comedian and activist Chelsea Handler, whose "Chelsea" talk show drops on Netflix on Fridays @ noon PT. See "My 6 Big Things" from Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom.


Who might be the next Uber CEO

Following months of controversies, Uber's search for a COO has now grown to a hunt for a new CEO following Travis Kalanick's resignation on Tuesday. Here are some of the names that have been floated as possible candidates, and the list will surely shift as the search continues:


The Uber drama's cast of characters

Uber on Tuesday disclosed the findings of a months-long investigation into its myriad workplace issues and announced CEO Travis Kalanick would take a leave of absence.

The investigation, led by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, was sparked by an ex-employee's published account of sexual harassment and discrimination she experienced during her year working at Uber. It would include around 200 interviews and a detailed document review. The investigation findings cap a chaotic saga resulting in several executive departures, multiple rounds of revelations about the company's brash and fratty culture, and continued questions about Uber's future.


What to expect from Trump's first overseas trip

President Trump jets off today on his first foreign trip — and it's a doozy. Over nine days, he's tackling five countries, three major world religions, and two core American alliances. Here's a quick look at the biggest items on the itinerary:


9 Supreme Court cases that matter right now

While the Senate decides what to do about Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, the eight justices already on the court are in the midst of another term of hot-button cases. Swipe through the cards below to learn about nine upcoming cases, which deal with issues like cross-border shootings, police brutality and court procedure.


What you need to know about the right-wing movement consuming Europe

The rise of nationalism and right-wing populism is the story of the decade in America and across Europe. The global movement delivered Donald Trump the presidency and formed the core of his inaugural address. In coming years, it could fundamentally reshape the European Union as we know it.

Populism has been alive and well across Europe for years now, but the European migrant crisis has injected a new strain of nationalism into the movement. What follows is look at where populism in its many forms has made its mark across the continent and what might happen next...