How it works:

Understanding 5G

Qualcomm partnered with Axios to tell the story of 5G innovation and disruption across industries and facets of everyday life.

The big picture

The keystone of this campaign was a first-of-its-kind, short-form video series produced in partnership with Axios Studio.

The series of 5X 0:15 videos demonstrated the impact of 5G as it related to Telemedicine, Education, Remote Work, Manufacturing, and Agriculture.

How it worked

  • 01

    To pull the videos together in a cohesive format, Axios created a 500-word 'Story' that highlighted each video and summarized the industry impact.

  • 02

    Short-form native ads and homepage siderail promotion on directed Axios readers to the Story across a 6-week flight.

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By the numbers

Qualcomm's branded content engagement metrics surpassed all Axios benchmarks.



Avg. Time Spent on Smart Story Page



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