Chinese economy sees slowest growth since 2009

A child waves a small Chinese flag.
Photo: Yu Hongchun/VCG via Getty Images

China's economic growth dropped to 6.5% in the third quarter, the Wall Street Journal reports — the weakest it's been since the financial crisis.

The big picture: The economy overall is on track to still meet its growth target of 6.5%, the Journal reports, though the drop in numbers could hurt China's ability to negotiate with the U.S. amid the brewing trade war.

EU pushes U.S. over privacy pact

Jourovà looks amused.
European data regulator Věra Jourová. Photo: Emmanual Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

Officials from the United States have entered the second day of discussions with their European counterparts in Brussels over the status of the Privacy Shield agreement, which allows Europeans to file complaints about how U.S. companies are using their data.

Why it matters: U.S. companies prize the agreement because it lets them easily host the data of European citizens stateside despite the differing regulatory regimes on the two sides of the Atlantic. This is the first time the arrangement is being reviewed since Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica data scandal triggered a privacy reckoning in the United States.