Axios360: The Impact of Access

How is increasing access to information and misinformation impacting our culture, society, and politics? Axios' Mike Allen digs in with four leading experts:

  • Jim Bankoff, Chairman and CEO, Vox Media
  • Jean Case, CEO, The Case Foundation
  • Steve Kornacki, National Political Correspondent, NBC News and MSNBC
  • Bradley Whitford, Actor and Political Activist

Thank you Charter Communications for sponsoring this event.

Mike Allen explains that Axios events communicate complicated ideas in the same "Smart Brevity" format you see on our siteChuck Kennedy
In media, "we do not want to become the thing that we are disrupting...have to be willing to change." - Jim Bankoff, CEO Vox MediaChuck Kennedy
"The human soul yearns for community" - Jean Case Chuck Kennedy
Over 130 guests getting smarter fasterChuck Kennedy
Mike and Steve Kornacki discuss how fake news is impacting our electionsChuck Kennedy
Bradley Whitford, also known as The West Wing's Josh Lyman, explains how his role inspired young people to get involved in politics Chuck Kennedy
Sweet and savory foods mirror the pros and cons of increased accessChuck Kennedy