Axios Media Reporter Sara Fischer brings a live version of her Media Trends newsletter to the stage.

The future of media is: "storytelling" "immersive" "engagement" and "quality" according to the line-up of experts Axios Media Reporter Sara Fischer hosted for our second Media Trends event.

The big picture: To illuminate the trends shaping the future of media, Sara spoke with marketing and advertising leaders from the platform, publisher, agency and brand sides including:

  • Ms. Campbell Brown, Head of News Partnerships, Facebook
  • Mr. Roy Schwartz, Co-Founder and President, Axios
  • Ms. Kathy Baird, Managing Director, Ogilvy
  • Ms. Angela Ferrante, Chief Marketing Officer, Sparkfund
  • Ms. Nikki Rappaport, Director of Brand and Innovation, Cava
Facebook's Campbell Brown giving Sara Fischer the publisher perspective on today's media trends.

During Sara's conversation with Facebook's Campbell Brown: "Brown formally announced a policy to try to appease publishers' concerns over a controversial archive of political ads on its platform, which would also include ads promoting publishers' political content.

Facebook's solution: 'There will be two separate archives," Brown told me. "One will say 'political ads,' one will say 'news platforms.'

Why it matters: It’s Facebook’s latest effort to make nice with publishers, which continue to show frustration with changes and experiments to news functions on its platform."

Read Sara's full recap here.

Axios' Roy Schwartz explains how Axios built a successful business model in today's media market. Photo: Chuck Kennedy for Axios

Roy Schwartz on Axios' ad model: "Just like news needs to be easy to consume, so do ads. Get to what matters."

Roy on the future of media: "It’s a fascinating time for media. You’ll see a lot of consolidation—some companies will disappear, some will appear. There will be lots of rapid changes."

Standing room only at Axios' second Media Trends event. Photo: Chuck Kennedy for Axios
Ogilvy's Kathy Baird tells Sara Fischer about the agency's recent refounding. Photo: Chuck Kennedy for Axios.
DC is a brand town. If companies want to flourish, they need to have a presence in DC.
— Ogilvy Managing Director Kathy Baird
Cava's Nikki Rappaport explains the importance of brand unity throughout a company's physical and digital spaces. Photo: Chuck Kennedy for Axios

Nikki Rappaport, who is the brand director for DC's beloved Cava, explains how to build a successful brand:

  • "Brands that are detailed about every touch point and aspect in the customer experience are the brands that are going to win."
  • "The brands that are using data are the ones that are succeeding."
Sparkfund's Angela Ferrante discusses how media trends affect the business-to-business market. Photo: Chuck Kennedy for Axios

Angela Ferrante gives the business-to-business perspective on what brands need: "You need to be communicative and you need to be deliberate."

Guests eyeing foods inspired by our Axioms: 1 big thing, between the lines, and our thought bubble. Photo: Chuck Kennedy for Axios
Thank you Ogilvy for partnering with Axios on this event. Photo: Chuck Kennedy for Axios

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Trump's failing culture wars

Data: Google; Chart: Naema Ahmed/Axios

President Trump built his political brand by stoking the nation's culture wars, but search data is showing us how much harder it's been for him to replicate that success while running against another white man in his 70s — and while there's a coronavirus pandemic.

The big picture: Google Trends data shows Trump's "Sleepy Joe" name-calling isn't generating nearly the buzz "Crooked Hillary" (or "Little Marco") did in 2016. Base voters who relished doubting President Obama's birth certificate aren't questioning Biden's.

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15 states broke single-day coronavirus records this week

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At least 15 states broke their single-day novel coronavirus infection records this week, according to state health department data reviewed by Axios.

The big picture: The number of coronavirus cases increased in the vast majority of states over the last week, and decreased in only two states plus the District of Columbia, Axios' Andrew Withershoop and Caitlin Owens report.

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Coronavirus dashboard

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

  1. Global: Total confirmed cases as of 3 p.m. ET: 11,143,945 — Total deaths: 527,681 — Total recoveries — 6,004,593Map.
  2. U.S.: Total confirmed cases as of 3 p.m. ET: 2,818,588 — Total deaths: 129,584 — Total recoveries: 883,561 — Total tested: 34,213,497Map.
  3. States: Photos of America's pandemic July 4 ICU beds in Arizona's hot spot reach near capacity.
  4. Public health: U.S. coronavirus infections hit record highs for 3 straight days.
  5. Politics: Trump extends PPP application deadlineKimberly Guilfoyle tests positive.
  6. World: Mexican leaders call for tighter border control as infections rise in U.S.
  7. Sports: 31 MLB players test positive as workouts resume.
  8. 1 📽 thing: Drive-in movie theaters are making a comeback.