RNC week: Axios co-founder Mike Allen hosted a conversation on the future of the Republican party featuring Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.

Secretary Carson discussed 'Opportunity Zones' and economic development that is happening despite the coronavirus pandemic. Citing a new Council of Economic Advisers report, he says $75 billion dollars have come into qualified opportunity funds, leading to a decrease in poverty by 11%, and an increase in property values by 1.1%.

  • On the success of these programs: "These are the kinds of things that are win-win situations."

Mayor Suarez talked about how the Republican Party can expand with younger voters, saying leadership needs to "stop ceding ground on issues that are important issues to my generation."

  • On environmental issues: "The sea level is rising, which is something that we're seeing in our city. It has...a huge economic impact. I think the Republican Party shouldn't abandon an issue like that, they should integrate it."
  • On immigration: "Miami is a microcosm of what the United States looks like and will look like over the course of the next few decades. I think we should embrace the fact that we are a country of immigrants. That's something that should strengthen us."

Ronna McDaniel discussed the RNC's virtual programming and the party's messaging going into the November election.

  • On the immediate impact of the RNC: "[CSPAN] has had several voters call in and say: I'm switching, I'm going from Democrat to Republican because of this convention, because we're humanizing the policies we're connecting with the American people."
  • The effectiveness of focusing on individuals: "When that door knockers...are able to connect with a voter on a personal level and bypass the noise, that's how you change votes. And I think that's going to be critical heading into Election Day."

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Watch: News Shapers unpack the SCOTUS confirmation hearings

On Friday, October 16 Axios' Mike Allen and Margaret Talev hosted a conversation to unpack the news of the day, including coverage of Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation hearings, featuring Sen. Chris Coons and Trump 2020 senior advisor for strategy Steve Cortes.

Steve Cortes discussed current national and state polls on the November election. According to Axios reporting, Biden maintains a double-digit lead over Trump nationally, but state polls are narrower.

  • On the importance of looking at states that will be key to securing Electoral College votes: "It's most important, I think, for us to highlight to our supporters, to everybody, that battleground state polls are what matter most,"
  • On Biden's double-digit lead: "In reality, they don't believe that they are up double digits nationally. We [at the Trump campaign] certainly don't believe that. And again, it's not a national election. It's a state by state election."

Sen. Chris Coons discussed the SCOTUS confirmation hearings, and expressed that Judge Amy Coney Barrett will likely to be confirmed by the Senate and appointed to the Supreme Court, barring a significant change from Republicans.

  • On the confirmation hearings: "The only thing that could happen to stop that at this point would be a real change of heart on the part of a number of our Republican colleagues."
  • Why Sen. Coons isn't voting to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett: "[Because of] her view towards reaching back and reexamining and overturning long-settled precedent...from labor rights and environmental protection, to Native American rights, to the rights of criminal defendants and privacy and health care."

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Coronavirus dashboard

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

  1. Politics: Ex-FDA chief: Pence campaigning after COVID exposure puts others at risk — Mark Meadows: "We are not going to control the pandemic"
  2. Health: 13 states set single-day coronavirus case records last week — U.S. reports over 80,000 new cases for second consecutive day.
  3. World: Australian city Melbourne to exit one of world's longest lockdowns — In photos: Coronavirus restrictions grow across Europe
  4. Media: Fox News president and several hosts advised to quarantine after possible COVID-19 exposure
  5. Nonprofit: Rockefeller Foundation commits $1 billion for COVID-19 recovery
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In photos: Coronavirus restrictions grow across Europe

A skeleton is placed at a restaurant table in Rome to protest Italy's restrictions that'll see gyms, movie theaters and pools close and bars and restaurants required to shut by 6 p.m. until at least Nov. 24. Photo: Antonio Masiello/Getty Images

Restrictions are returning across much of Europe as the continent faces a second coronavirus wave.

The big picture: Spain and France each surpassed 1 million cases last week, and both countries have implemented further restrictions on citizens. Italian officials announced strict new measures, effective Monday, to combat another cases spike. From Denmark to Romania, take a look at what steps countries have been taking, in photos.