Stories by Dan Primack

A few questions for Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel and Donald Trump shortly after the 2016 presidential election
Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Peter Thiel doubled down last night on his "Google has maybe been infiltrated by the Chinese government" claim, which was eventually picked up by President Trump. When (lightly) pressed for evidence, Thiel simply said he was "asking questions."

Why it matters: You don't propose that someone deserves to face a firing squad without at least a single receipt.

VC firm formed to back "sexual wellness" startups

Intimate Capital is launching to invest in sexual wellness companies, firm founder Roi Carthy tells Axios. Its initial raise is designed to secured $20 million.

Why it matters: Carthy, a serial CMO who also once led a VC firm focused on Israel and Brazil, says that sexual wellness startups struggle to get funding unless they're focused on fertility or erectile dysfunction.