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The Green New Deal is fueling a wild Democratic policy primary

Alexandria ocasio cortez at march tps
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at March For TPS Justice rally. Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Democrats' efforts to craft climate and energy policy heading into the 2020 elections are very fluid, creating space for new ideas and the risk of chaos that leaves them lacking a clear agenda.

Why it matters: Political windows for big emissions policies open rarely, and the early efforts to craft an agenda follow major scientific findings on the dangers of unchecked warming.

Trade wars like Trump's threaten U.S. oil and gas exports

Reproduced from BP Energy Outlook, 2019; Chart: Axios Visuals

2020 Democrats take Green New Deal seriously, not literally

In this image, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stands alongside other Democrats outside the Capitol building on a sunny day in Washington. They hold a banner that says "Green New Deal."
Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Senate Democrats running for president are touting their support for the Green New Deal in early primary states, but are casting it as more of a call to arms than a policy platform.

Why it matters: Recent appearances suggest that the announced candidates are seeking to signal aggressive postures on global warming while simultaneously preventing themselves from getting politically tethered to specific aspects of the sweeping climate and jobs resolution.

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