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Lessons from turning a $10,000 investment into $20 million in revenue

Greg van den Dries is the founder of Rocktape, a maker of brightly colored kinesiology tape you might have seen wrapped around the body parts of athletes during the Olympics. He's turned a $10,000 initial investment into a company with annual sales of more than $20 million. Here are the 7 lessons he learned along the way:

Tech execs say these are the questions CEOs must answer

Lisa Jackson (Ben Margot / AP); Sebastian Thrun (Rick Bowmer / AP); Sam Altman (YouTube)

Company founders can suffer from tunnel vision, so here's a collection of questions executives at companies like Facebook, Apple, and Y Combinator (and Kevin Durant's investment firm) posed during their interviews on the main stage of TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017.

Why this matters: Knowing the answers can help entrepreneurs steer their companies from good to great.

Work like Elon

Photo: Stephan Savoia / AP

Elon Musk is upending the automotive industry (Tesla) and space travel (SpaceX), not to mention some side projects he has digging tunnels (The Boring Company) and connecting mind and machine (Neuralink). As an entrepreneur with a demanding schedule, Musk runs his day on high-efficiency habits.

Why it matters: When we think we're getting too busy, we can take a page out of Musk's playbook.