Stories by Amy Harder

Trump’s Interior chief touts offshore wind progress

Ryan Zinke at the White House
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke attends a cabinet meeting with President Trump. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Interior Department is gearing up to auction federal waters for wind-energy development offshore Massachusetts and is taking the first steps for the same development off California, Secretary Ryan Zinke told a conference Monday.

Why it matters: Offshore wind, which is just getting off the ground in the U.S., is a rare example of the Trump administration actively pushing renewable energy, despite its main focus on fossil fuels. With just one operating offshore wind farm in the U.S., government support at this stage of the game is critical.

EPA brags up lower emissions while Trump doubts climate change

The Environmental Protection Agency is set to unveil new federal data today that shows U.S. greenhouse gas emissions decreased 2.7%, according to a release viewed by Axios.

Why it matters: This drop, between 2016 and 2017, is due largely to market forces and moves by President Obama and Congress, and occurred before President Trump officially took office. EPA's announcement contrasts with Trump, who in recent days has dismissed climate change as an issue.

Bill Gates-led investment fund partners with Europe on clean tech

Bill Gates in front of map
Bill Gates in Berlin , Germany. Photo: Inga Kjer/Photothek via Getty Images

A clean-energy venture fund led by Bill Gates is forging a new partnership with the European Commission, the billionaire and Microsoft co-founder announced today.

Why it matters: Gates’ move is the latest sign of how private citizens, companies and other countries are trying to move forward on addressing climate change, despite President Trump’s retreat on the issue.