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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has been trying to encourage Amy McGrath, the first female U.S. Marine to fly in an F-18 during combat, to challenge Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky next year, Politico reports.

Yes, but: McGrath failed to win her House bid last year, and Kentucky Republicans believe they have a playbook for how to defeat her again in 2020. Politico reports that McConnell's team is already conducting opposition research against McGrath while senior Republicans are set to meet in Washington about a potential campaign against her.

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The existential threat to small business

Illustration: Eniola Odetunde/Axios

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the game for U.S. businesses, pushing forward years-long shifts in workplaces, technology and buying habits and forcing small businesses to fight just to survive.

Why it matters: These changes are providing an almost insurmountable advantage to big companies, which are positioned to come out of the recession stronger and with greater market share than ever.

Students say they'll sacrifice fun if they can return to campus

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

College students overwhelmingly plan to return to campus this fall if their schools are open — and they claim they'll sit out the fun even if it's available, according to a new College Reaction/Axios poll.

Why it matters: For many, even an experience devoid of the trappings of college life is still a lot better than the alternative.

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Florida's coronavirus outbreak is getting worse

Reproduced from The COVID Tracking Project; Chart: Axios Visuals

Florida is the new domestic epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, and it's on track to keep getting worse.

By the numbers: Of the 20 U.S. metro areas with the highest daily case growth, nine are in Florida, according to Nephron Research.