Apr 10, 2018

American trust in the government is shrinking

Americans' trust in government dipped to just 18% in 2017, according the Pew Research Center. That's the the lowest level since 2011 — when it was at 10%.

Reproduced from the Pew Research Center; Chart: Axios Visuals

Go deeper: This data was highlighted by Bruce Mehlman of Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas in his quarterly Washington Update, titled "Empowered America."

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Why U.S. homeowners consider going solar

Forty-six percent of U.S. homeowners say they have seriously considered installing solar panels at their homes, a new Pew Research Center poll shows.

Why it matters: It signals that the residential solar market has lots of room for growth. The survey notes that only 6% of homeowners polled have already installed systems — but the Solar Energy Industries Association's (SEIA) current estimate sits at 2.1%.

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Fitness trackers are more popular with women than men

A Fitbit fitness tracker. Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Fitbit

About one-in-five American adults use a smart watch or fitness tracker, with women more likely than men to use a fitness device, according to new research from Pew.

Why it matters: The category is still in its early days, and understanding who uses the products and who doesn't could help the industry improve its products and broaden their appeal.

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Florida cancer researchers resign over institute's China ties

Top executives and researchers from a Florida cancer center were forced out amid problems with a Chinese partnership that could have put American-funded research at risk, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Why it matters: The FBI and other federal agencies are on high alert for potential Chinese theft of American cancer research, and prominent researchers from other institutions have already been forced to step down. The CEO, a vice president and four researchers from the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute in Florida stepped down after an internal investigation.

Go deeper: China's dominance in drug manufacturing is a national security issue

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