American teens reportedly confess to murdering Italian officer

Two teenage American tourists have reportedly confessed to fatally stabbing an Italian military police officer, per the New York Times.

Details: Elder Lee, 19, and Gabriel Hjorth, 18, allegedly bought what they believed were fake drugs from an Italian dealer.

  • Lee and Hjorth tried to track down the dealer to get their money back, but couldn't find him.
  • Instead, they stole the backpack of the first Italian man they saw, says the NYT.
  • The teens called the man who owned the backpack asking for "100 euros and a gram of cocaine," according to the NYT.
  • The man called the Italian police, who met the teens at their hotel. A fight ensued, leading to the stabbing of Brigadier Cerciello Rega, per the NYT.
  • Officers found a knife and clothes they believe the teens wore during the attack.