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Alexander, Murray announce hearings on individual market

Senators Patty Murray (left) and Lamar Alexander on Capitol Hill (Alex Brandon / AP)

HELP Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander and Ranking Member Patty Murray today announced the first two of four September hearings on the individual market. The first hearing on Sept. 6 will focus on testimony from state insurance commissioners, and the second hearing on Sept. 7 will focus on governors' testimony.

Why it matters: This is a step in their effort to craft a short-term stabilization package after the GOP's partisan health care effort failed.

What's likely to be in the package:

  • Funding for the Affordable Care Act's insurer subsidies, which are currently being paid by the Trump administration but which the president has threatened to cut off.
  • A more flexible state innovation waiver, although the details on this are unclear, as is the number of years insurer subsidies would be funded.