22 days to Trump's Mar-a-Lago weekend with China's Xi

Pablo Martinez Monsivais, Mark Schiefelbein / AP

Mood music, 22 days from Trump's Mar-a-Lago summit with China President Xi Jinping ("the world's two most powerful men"). What to watch:

  • South China Sea: Satellite images show that China's begun new work on the disputed Island, a sign that Beijing is continuing to strengthen its military reach, per Reuters.
  • Taiwan: The self-governed island says that the Chinese military threat in the region has grown, and the U.S. regional strategy is "unclear," per Reuters.
  • Choose your news (both from same presser): CNBC reported that China is urging cooperation with the U.S. ahead of Trump-Xi summit," while The Guardian reported that China Premier Li Keqiang has warned Trump against a trade war with China.
  • Bob Lighthizer: Trump's nominee for U.S. trade representative vowed at his confirmation hearing "to crack down" on unfair China practices, and said Trump is committed to getting tough with Beijing," per FT.