Mar 29, 2024 - Politics & Policy

Scoop: Comer discusses book deal amid Biden probe

A screenshot of a potential book by James Comer titled "All The President's Money" on publisher HarperCollins website.

A mock up of a book by Comer posted by publisher HarperCollins.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) is in discussions with at least one publisher about a book deal at the same time that he is leading the Biden impeachment probe, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: Comer's impeachment investigation of Biden is looking like a dud — but Republicans insist they plan to keep pressuring Biden over family money ties into 2025. A book would be a high-profile way to do that.

  • Comer has led the impeachment probe into Biden. His look into potential influence peddling by the Bidens included scrutiny about the president's past book deals.

Behind the scenes: The project came to light when a source pointed Axios to a page on the HarperCollins website that shows placeholder cover for a book by Comer with a provocative title, "All the President's Money," and a supposed publication date of Sept. 10.

  • But no book is imminent and there's no book deal, Comer's staff tells Axios.
  • "The link was put up in error by Harper Collins," Comer spokesman Austin Hacker tells Axios. "It was not authorized by Congressman Comer and he immediately requested it be taken down."
Screenshot of HarperCollins' listing for "All the President's Money."
A website listing of a book by Comer posted by publisher HarperCollins.

Yes, but: The spokesman admitted that Comer has been in talks with the publisher about a potential book deal:

  • "Although he has been in discussions with Harper Collins about a potential book, he has not entered into a publishing agreement with any publisher including Harper Collins."
  • While Comer's team says no book is written, a source familiar with Comer's plans said he hopes to publish a book in the future about his political experiences.

What we're watching: Democrats are sure to complain about Comer mixing roles as impeachment architect and prospective author.

  • Axios has reached out to HarperCollins for comment.
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