Feb 13, 2024 - Politics & Policy

Axios BFD: Kushner says he's not looking to return to White House

Kushner and primack on stage

Jared Kushner (L) with Dan Primack at the Axios BFD conference in Miami. Photo: Ledd Villamarzo, EDIN STUDIOS

Jared Kushner said he plans to sit out a potential second Trump administration in an interview at the Axios BFD conference in Miami on Tuesday, saying he's committed to his work with his investment firm, Affinity Partners.

Why it matters: Kushner served as one of his father-in-law's top advisers for four years, but he told Axios' Dan Primack that he plans to keep working in private equity from his base in Miami even if Trump wins in November.

What he's saying: Kushner said he had commitments to his investors and employees, and that his "desire at this phase in my life is to focus on my firm."

  • "I've really enjoyed the opportunity as a family to be out of the spotlight ... and so we've both really enjoyed the opportunity to be down here in Florida with the kids."
  • Kushner seemed to leave the door open slightly by noting that "nothing in my life has gone according to the plans I've set," but affirmed when pressed by Primack that if Trump called with a job offer he would say no.

Kushner said Trump's presidential bid in 2016 "really was a family campaign," whereas now the former president has "a very professionally run campaign" with a strong team around him.

  • "I was very fortunate to play a role in the campaign and then join him in the administration," he said.
  • "I suspect that if he gets into office again, he would have just a level of competence and professionalism, even more so than it was in the last administration."
  • "I think he has a much better understanding of who was effective and all these different roles and I suspect he'll have a very, very long list of very qualified people to choose from."

What to watch: While Kushner emphasized that Trump's team would be more experienced than the last time around, all signs thus far are that the former president would prioritize loyalty above other considerations in building out a new administration.

  • While Kushner says he's not interested, sources in close touch with Trump included the president's son-in-law among those potentially in line for big jobs if he wins.

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