Nov 21, 2022 - Axios Events

Developing the Next Generation of Workers: Columbus Reception

Developing the Next Generation of Workers

On Thursday, November 17th, Axios Local managing editor Delano Massey led conversations focused on the future of workforce development in Columbus, Ohio, from investing in education and skilling programs to growing the area’s manufacturing economy. Guests included Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio chief executive officer Lisa Patt-McDaniel and Columbus State Community College Office of Talent Strategy executive director Cheryl Hay.

Lisa Patt-McDaniel talking with Axios’ Delano Massey.
Lisa Patt-McDaniel talking with Axios’ Delano Massey. Credit: Harry Acosta
  • Lisa Patt-McDaniel on apprenticeships as a way to expand the workforce: “One of the things that I think we need to be pushing more of is apprenticeship, which is where people get hired, they’re being paid while they’re learning and acquiring the skills. And Columbus, certainly we have the trades, and that’s what people think of when they think of apprenticeships…so we’re talking about it, we’re trying to push that, and we’re trying to push that not just with these larger companies, but with companies that already exist here too, as a way to retain talent, get talent more immediately, and be able to scale them up.”
  • Cheryl Hay on the learning loss incurred during the pandemic: “We found that when we did some survey work, we had even adults telling us, ‘When we get back in person, let me know because I want to come back to school, but if you’re doing online, I can’t do it that way.’ So that learning loss is something that nationally we’re going to be struggling with. And we’ve got to figure out how are we going to get people that piece back, and then get them into all these programs for folks like Intel, and Amgen, for Honda’s EV plan and everything that’s coming our way.”

Thank you Heartland Forward for sponsoring this event.

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