Sep 8, 2022 - Economy & Business

The cost of miscommunication

Data: Loom; Chart: Simran Parwani/Axios

Tone is often lost in email and text — and miscommunication across teams is costly, according to a recent Loom study.

Why it matters: 91% of workers say their messages have been misunderstood or misinterpreted, while 1 in 5 say they have been reprimanded, demoted or fired because of it.

  • Roughly half of workers overthink the communications they send and 62% say worrying about miscommunication at work affects their overall mental health.

Zoom out: All this worrying, over-explaining and punctuating is costing U.S. businesses at least $128 billion each year, according to Loom.

Yes, but: In this digital world, how can workers ensure their messages aren’t misinterpreted?

  • "Reading carefully is the new listening. Writing clearly is the new empathy. And a phone or video call is worth a thousand emails," writes Erica Dhawan, author of "Digital Body Language."
  • "Empower your teams to be intentional with their communication. Streamline meetings with agendas and have clear objectives," advises Zeb Evans, CEO and founder of ClickUp.
  • Plus, don’t forget to reiterate the “how,” “why” and action items for every conversation or email chain, says Mike Lantzy, CEO and co-founder of Soundbite.
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