Aug 25, 2022 - Economy

The 10 commandments of work success

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Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

We think a lot about what our favorite, most successful colleagues over the years have had in common.

Here’s my crack at summing up their success secrets:

  1. Get paid for doing something you love: Everything is lighter and easier if you truly enjoy the thing you spend most of your life doing.
  2. Be the GOAT: Strive to be the very best to ever do your job. You will spend 75% of your waking hours working or thinking about work, so why settle?
  3. Serve others: If it’s only about you, you will do the wrong things for the wrong reasons. Life is empty alone. 
  4. Work morally: Honesty, grace, humility, hard work and honor are the core values of a work-life well-lived. 
  5. Work smart: Working hard on the wrong or nonessential things is time wasted. 
  6. Study deeply: Master the tiny details and panoramic context of your profession. 
  7. Study thyself: Be clear-eyed about your gifts and flaws. It’s the only path to betterment.
  8. Fortify thyself: Optimal work performance is impossible without healthy relationships, diet and exercise, and spirituality and mindfulness outside of it. 
  9. Savor thy wins: Take time to celebrate aspirations met. 
  10. Learn from loss: The real good stuff often reveals itself in the most painful moments.

The bottom line: When the clock stops,  smile confidently — knowing you did it right and well.

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