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The case of the Masters' missing ice cream sandwich

The iconic Georgia Peach ice cream sandwich

Photo: Marianna Massey/Augusta National via Getty Images

Even the idyllic confines of Augusta National can't escape the pressures of the real world.

Driving the news: The iconic Georgia Peach ice cream sandwich is absent from the Masters this year due to supply-chain issues, per the club. Some other items increased in price due to record inflation.

State of play: It's unclear what specific issues caused this, but our rigorous investigation into the matter produced three possible culprits: peaches (rising costs), freezers (only item that needs them) and cookies.

  • Christie Cookies in Nashville has long supplied the sandwich's cookies, plus individually-wrapped ones. We were unable to confirm if this year's $1.50 cookies are from Christie.
  • Prices remain comically low for a 21st-century sporting event, but some items saw rare price hikes due to inflation, including the sausage biscuit ($1.50 to $2), coffee ($1.50 to $2) and domestic beer ($4 to $5).
This year's Masters concession menu
This year's concession menu. Photo: Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Of note: Not all food-related Masters news is bad. Hideki Matsuyama selected an all-time great menu for Tuesday's Champions Dinner, and there's a new concession item: "Breakfast Sandwich."

The bottom line: This week at Augusta, fans will watch the world's best tee it up in golf heaven. But their experience will be missing one key (and delicious) ingredient.

Editor's note: This article was first published on April 7.

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