Oct 20, 2021 - Politics & Policy

By the numbers: Media masters

Top 15 most active state legislators on <span style="color: #3fb4ff">Twitter</span> and <span style="color: #1777f2;">Facebook</span>
*Hudson resigned from the Mississippi House effective Aug. 30. Data: Quorum; Table: Jacque Schrag/Axios

Of the top 15 most active state legislators on Twitter and Facebook this year, four come from Pennsylvania, and Rep. Anna Eskamani (D-Fla.) made both lists, according to data from Quorum.

Why it matters: As Donald Trump showed, social media has become increasingly important for politicians at all levels to raise their profile and communicate directly with voters.

By the numbers: State Sen. David Livingston (R-Ariz.) has tweeted the most by far, with 20,928 tweets and retweets from Jan. 1-Aug. 25. That works out to around 89 Twitter interactions per day.

  • His tweets usually are about immigration, with hashtags like #bordercrisis, according to Quorum.
  • Sen. Linda Stewart (D-Fla.) is the most active state lawmaker on Facebook.
  • She posts most often about COVID-19, using hashtags like #washyourhands and #keepyourdistance.
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