Mar 15, 2021 - Health

What we learned about ourselves in lockdown

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Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Americans learned over the past year that they kind of like working and socializing from home, and might keep these parts of their pandemic lifestyles going even after offices, bars and restaurants become options again, according to new Harris Poll data.

Why it matters: Even after the threat from COVID-19 recedes, we know life won’t simply return to its pre-pandemic shape. This year has altered everything from our media diets to our sense of work-life balance to our ideas of what’s fun.

By the numbers: 75% of Americans said they learned during the pandemic that they prefer socializing in small groups at home over going out to bars.

  • 59% said they didn’t miss going out to bars to socialize as much as they thought they would, and 60% said they’ve learned over the past year “how much I love entertaining at home in small pandemic pods.”
  • And when asked what their social lives will likely look like when all the options are available, a plurality said they’ll mostly be hanging out at home, compared to just 17% who said they’ll mostly be going out.

Americans have also gotten used to working from home, according to the Harris Poll data, which were pulled from a comprehensive report combining multiple surveys over the past year.

  • 67% said their lifestyles have gotten healthier while working from home, and 55% said they’ve discovered that they didn’t miss the office as much as they thought they would.
  • 74% of Americans who are working from home said they’d consider taking a “workcation” — going somewhere else for a while, but working while there.
  • 40% of Americans said they’d miss having extra time in the mornings if they have to go back into an office full-time, and 39% said they’d miss being at home with their families.

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