Jan 15, 2021 - Axios Events

Our promises to you: Axios Bill of Rights

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Axios is expanding into local news this month, and broadening our mission to help restore trust in fact-based news with an audience Bill of Rights

Why it matters: Nothing matters more than winning the war for truth. Here are the promises we are making to our readers, viewers and listeners.

  1. Every item will be written or produced by a real person with a real identity. There will be NO AI-written stories. NO bots. NO fake accounts. 
  2. We take responsibility for all content that appears on our public platforms.
  3. Every item will be written or produced to inform, analyze and explain. We will never have an opinion section.
  4. We will sacrifice scale for quality, and always aim to save you time by delivering content in the most efficient and healthy way.
  5. We will be transparent about how we make money, and provide clear ways for you to tell us how we can better serve you. (Email us at [email protected])
  6. We will play no games with your data or privacy. We will be careful and transparent, and will provide clear, intuitive ways for you to know how your data is handled. (Our policy is here)
  7. We are committed to helping revive local journalism — and invite local readers to help us best serve their community. (Email us at [email protected])
  8. All employees are asked to refrain from taking/advocating for public positions on political topics. 
  9. We will always cover the topics of greatest consequence with clinical, critical and balanced eyes. (For more on the fact-based framework guiding our coverage, read our editorial manifesto)
  10. We believe high-quality journalism should not be an exclusive privilege. We will provide free access to the majority of our content.

Please hold us accountable for living up to our obligations to you. 

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