Mar 21, 2020 - Health

The best-selling illustrator keeping kids busy with #drawtogether

Photo of Wendy MacNaughton

Photo courtesy of Wendy MacNaughton

Graphic journalist and best-selling illustrator Wendy MacNaughton is hosting a live 30-minute online drawing class for children, Mondays through Fridays at 1 p.m. EST.

Why it matters: Parents have been hit hard by the impacts of coronavirus, with many working from home while managing their kids' daily schedules and schoolwork. These videos engage kids and encourage creativity while giving parents a break.

How it works: MacNaughton's #drawtogether classes include silly songs, deep breathing exercises, open-ended questions and lots of time to relax and draw.

  • These classes are on Instagram live, accessed via the "live" button on MacNaughton's page.
  • This week, many schools announced they would remain closed through the school year, and MacNaughton, who is also a trained social worker, says she's planning to host classes through that time.

What they're saying: "When we're drawing the hair on a dog, you are drawing one line after another line after another line after another line," says MacNaughton. "That process is calming for me and for them. I hope that it helps them access that that calm place inside themselves when the world's going a little crazy outside."

  • Ada, a 7-year-old in Washington, D.C., tells Axios, "It makes me feel happy and comfortable. She makes me laugh and she's really good at teaching."

Bonus: MacNaughton points out some other book authors and illustrators offering parent resources:

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