Jan 17, 2020

Trump impeachment team includes Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz

Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Trump's impeachment team for the Senate trial will include Ken Starr, Robert Ray, Alan Dershowitz in addition to lawyers Pat Cipollone, Jay Sekulow and former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, per two sources familiar with the matter.

The state of play: Jane Raskin will also be a part of the legal team, per one source familiar, as will Eric Herschmann according to a White House statement. Dershowitz will present oral arguments at the trial to address the constitutional arguments against impeachment and removal, per a statement.The New York Times first reported the details about the president's counsel.

"While Professor Dershowitz is non partisan when it comes to the constitution—he opposed the impeachment of President Bill Clinton and voted for Hillary Clinton— he believes the issues at stake go to the heart of our enduring Constitution."
— Alan Dershowitz tweeted

Behind the scenes: Several White House officials told me they were hoping Trump wouldn’t pick Alan Dershowitz to play a role in the Senate trial.

  • They said it was an unforced error given the team was already strong and he has close, publicly documented ties to Jeffrey Epstein which could become a distraction.
  • But Trump thinks Dershowitz is magnificent on TV, a White House official told me.
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