Oct 16, 2019

Fort Worth Police chief: Atatiana Jefferson having gun "makes sense"

Interim Fort Worth Police Chief Ed Kraus said it "makes sense" that Atatiana Jefferson would have a gun if she felt endangered by a stranger wandering in her backyard, the Dallas Morning News reports.

Why it matters: A witness account from her 8-year-old nephew and footage from Officer Aaron Dean's body camera indicate Jefferson, who had a license to carry, did nothing wrong before Dean allegedly killed her.

Context: Jefferson's nephew said the 2 were playing video games together when she heard noises outside of their room and grabbed her handgun from her purse. She pointed it toward the window before she was shot.

  • Dean's body camera shows that officers went into Jefferson's backyard without identifying themselves as police. He shot through Jefferson's window seconds after instructing her to put her hands up.
  • Dean was arrested and charged with murder shortly after resigning from his position on Monday.

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