Sep 11, 2019 - Science

U.S. won't grant temporary protected status to Dorian victims from Bahamas

In this image, two people embrace while standing in front of a crowd of people. A bus is visible in the background.

Hurricane Dorian refugees arrive at the Kendal G.L. Isaacs National Gym in Nassau, New Providence, Sept. 6. Photo: Brendan SmialowskiAFP/Getty Images

The Trump administration will not grant Hurricane Dorian refugees from the Bahamas temporary protected status (the same program applied to the victims of Haiti's 2010 earthquake), officials told NBC News and CNN this week.

The big picture: Temporary protected status would only be applicable to those in the U.S. at the time of designation. As of Monday, 1,500 Bahamians have come to the U.S. after being displaced by Dorian, with at least 3,500 people evacuated from the islands and the death toll currently standing at 50. The Department of Homeland Security said this week that displaced Bahamians traveling to the U.S. must have a valid passport and travel visa.

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