Sep 11, 2019 - Economy

BuzzFeed CEO's 8-step plan to "unbreak" the internet

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti unveiled an 8-step plan on Tuesday to save the internet from the "dumpster fire" that it has become. He's calling on the public, media, government and corporate America to pressure platforms into elevating quality journalism and weeding out bad content online.

Why it matters: Peretti made his name by making things go viral on the internet. Now, he says that society needs to "unbreak" the modern web that he helped pioneer, before internet trolls take it over.

The plan, according to Peretti:

  1. Get rid of the bad stuff (platforms): Better policy, algorithms, AI, more moderators.
  2. Support the good stuff (platforms): Share more revenue, make and buy content (Spotify podcasts).
  3. Diversify revenue (media companies): Native, commerce, studio, membership, subscriptions.
  4. Drive digital media collaboration (media companies): Merge or partner with competitors for leverage with platforms.
  5. Apply government pressure (the public): Vote for reps who fight for the internet you want, merge or partner with competitors for leverage with platforms.
  6. Apply advertiser pressure (brands): Pull your dollars from toxic content.
  7. Apply journalistic pressure (news orgs): Expose the hate and lies.
  8. Make viral hits everyone can rally around (media companies): Create hits that break through filter bubbles and unite the culture.
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