Aug 24, 2019

G7 summit: French police use tear gas and water cannon on protesters

, 2019, on the sidelines of the annual G7 Summit

A protester throws a canister back toward French security personnel during a rally in Bayonne, southwest France, Saturday. Photo: Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images

Authorities detained 68 people Saturday night after a mostly peaceful protest involving about 400 people in Bayonne, France, near the G7 summit, AP reports. A small group clashed with police, who used tear gas, a water cannon and dispersion grenades on them, AP notes.

The big picture: Earlier Saturday, thousands of anti-globalization and environmental activists joined protesters belonging to France's Yellow Vest (Gilet Jaunes) and Basque separatist movements on Saturday for a peaceful march near Biarritz, where the summit is taking place this weekend, to demand action from G7 leaders, per Euronews.

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