Jun 30, 2019

Scoop: Sarah Sanders' next moves

Sarah Sanders with Trump

Sarah Sanders on one of her last days in the White House. Photo: Mandel Nagan/AFP/Getty Images

Sarah Sanders is likely to hit the speaking circuit and write a book after leaving the White House on Friday, and she'll move to Arkansas in August as the prelude to a possible 2022 run for governor, sources tell Axios.

Details: We hear the book will be billed as an account of her life in politics and experience inside the Trump administration, which she sees as very positive. Sanders plans to relax with her family in July, and she will help with Trump's re-election campaign.

Sanders has told friends that she's looking seriously at running for Arkansas governor.

  • Under the state's term limits, Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) can't run again.

The view from Little Rock, from AP's Andrew DeMillo:

  • Sanders appears to be in an enviable position, with the backing of Trump, who's popular in the state, and political connections that go back to her dad Mike Huckabee’s more than 10 years as governor.
  • Democrats relish the idea of a Sanders run, saying it would bring national money and attention to a race that may otherwise be written off.
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