Jun 13, 2019

Violence erupts in Memphis after federal marshals fatally shoot black man

Memphis police car

Photo: Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

A protest followed the fatal shooting of a black man in Memphis, Tenn., quickly escalating into a violent clash between residents and law enforcement on Thursday, reports AP.

Context: Federal marshals fatally shot 20-year-old Brandon Webb on Wednesday during a confrontation in which Webb allegedly rammed his car repeatedly into the marshals' vechile, per the Washington Post. Webb reportedly had a weapon and several felony warrants for his arrest — one for the violent theft of a car, another for drug dealing.

What we know:

  • 36 officers have suffered minor injuries after residents flung rocks and bricks, per AP.
  • Memphis police first met the protesters in uniforms before later returning in riot gear. They used tear gas to break up the crowds. Officers partitioned several blocks in the area.
  • 3 people were arrested and property was damaged, reports AP.

What they're saying: Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) on Thursday said she continues to "closely [follow] the situation."

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