Apr 19, 2019

Philippe Reines to co-host new podcast for Deep State Radio

Philippe Reines sits and holds his glasses to his face with a large American flag behind him, and the shadow of Hillary Clinton walking on stage.

Philippe Reines. Photo: Brendan Smialowski /AFP/Getty Images

Next month, David Rothkopf’s Deep State Radio launches "Unredacted," a podcast co-hosted by former CIA officer and comedian Emily Brandwin, author and Bulwark columnist Molly Jong-Fast, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State — and Trump stand-in for Hillary Clinton's debate prep — Philippe Reines.

The big picture: All have built strong social media voices as part of "the resistance" — along with Reines' growing presence on old-fashioned media. Given their diverse Rolodexes, look for big name guests off the bat.

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