Dec 10, 2018

Making the rich sweat

A Peloton bike at the company's launch party in 2014. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Peloton Cycle

Mirror, mirror on the wall: How do I get my fat to fall? The latest fad in life and fitness is to be a loner, staring at a screen.

Why it matters: This is the hot new trend in fitness for the rich.

  • Enter The Mirror: a knockoff of the Peloton bike, which allows you to join live biking classes at home via a big monitor.
  • You slap the $1,500 mirror on your wall, pay 40 bucks a month for access, and get to do exercises alone with an instructor beamed in to ride with you. Business Insider reviewed it.
  • Tonal, a start up: "The system combines software and an interactive LED screen with electromagnetic weights and cables to create an experience that does not rely on plates, barbells and gravity."
  • Flywheel and NordicTrack are doing knockoffs of Peloton, too.

Be smart: Peloton recently raised money at a $4 billion valuation.

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