Updated Nov 13, 2018 - Technology

Amazon makes it official: HQ2 and HQ3 go to DC and NYC

Amazon logo on side of a building

Photo: Ina Fassbender/picture alliance via Getty Images

Amazon has officially announced that Crystal City (adjacent to the Pentagon outside D.C.) and New York City's Long Island City will become its second and third hubs.

“We are excited to build new headquarters in New York City and Northern Virginia. These two locations will allow us to attract world-class talent that will help us to continue inventing for customers for years to come. The team did a great job selecting these sites, and we look forward to becoming an even bigger part of these communities.”
— Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos

Why it matters: Each city will be on the receiving end of a massive investment by Amazon, with 25,000 jobs in each location.

Between the lines: The HQ2 process saw cities give Amazon details about their future plans that most of their citizens are not privy to, in addition to an incredible amount of free publicity, while the e-retailer ultimately settled with two of the wealthiest cities on Earth.

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