Jul 4, 2018

Trapped Thailand boys soccer team found by rescuers in good health

The 12-member Thailand youth soccer team and their coach who were trapped in a cave by rising water have been found by rescuers and are in good health, reports the BBC.

The details: The team has received food and medical treatment after being trapped in the cave for nine days. The cave meets three basic, but crucial, survival needs for the team:

  • The temperature is around 79 degrees Fahrenheit, so there are few concerns about hypothermia.
  • There is sufficient oxygen entering through the cave.
  • The team has drinkable water.

What's next: First responders are performing rescue rehearsals and doing everything they can to keep water from rising even further. Meanwhile, Thailand's rainy season is just beginning, and the children on the team are not equipped to dive and swim through the cavernous maze. First responders are attempting to teach the children how to properly dive, but the process will take time, and the team could be trapped for months.

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