Jun 4, 2018

Democrats' anti-Trump message might work in midterms

Donald Trump looking down like he's sad but he's probably just looking at a paper

Photo: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

Democrats are often criticized for not having a campaign message that extends beyond an anti-Trump platform, but a new CBS News/YouGov poll suggests that might be just fine.

By the numbers: 49% of voters say their vote for a Democratic candidate is mostly "against Trump and the Republican Party," whereas just 27% of Republican voters say their vote would be against Democrats. And Democratic voters are twice as likely to say their vote in a midterm election matters more than in a presidential election.

  • One more thing: We're in the "Year of the Woman" with a record number of women running for office, at every level, and mostly as Democrats. The poll shows Democratic candidates will likely benefit from that as well: women said they will vote for a Democrat over a Republican by double digits, while Republicans maintain a five-point lead among male voters.
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