May 15, 2018

The names Melania and Ivanka are rising in popularity. Donald isn't

Melania Trump stands with Ivanka Trump before Presiden Trump delivered remarks on Afghanistan

Melania and Ivanka Trump pose with military personnel in an event in Fort Myer. Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Melania is one of the fastest-growing baby names in America, while Ivanka has also seen a big jump, according to Quartz.

By the numbers: In 2016, 131 girls were named Melania, while in 2017 that number jumped to 283. Ivanka had a 50% increase in the same period, to 164. The number of baby Donalds fell by a few percentage points, to 600. The fastest-growing names for girls were Oaklynn and Oaklyn, followed by Dream and Emberly.

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