Feb 22, 2018

Shah: White House won't "agree with the NRA on every single issue"

Raj Shah.

Photo: Mark Wilson / Getty Images

When Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah was asked Thursday if President Trump was considering a semiautomatic weapons ban, Shah reiterated that "no idea...is off the table." But, he did make clear that Trump does not support a ban on assault weapons, as he expressed during his campaign.

The backdrop: President Trump has doubled down on potentially raising the minimum age to buy weapons and arming teachers or other personnel in schools to deter attackers. The issue of raising changing the minimum age in particular has been criticized by the NRA, but Shah said the White House doesn't "expect to agree with the NRA on every single issue."

  • When asked if Trump was willing to stand against the NRA, Shah said he is "willing to do what's right to ensure we have safe schools."
  • On Syria: "The Assad regime and Russia's actions on this front are on notice."
  • On the Schiff memo: "Once it meets the FBI's standards for ensuring that law enforcement, sensitive sources and methods are protected, we would support its release."

One more thing: Kevin Hassett, Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, spoke to the press about the annual Economic Report of the President. He said "cyber theft is costing us about $100 billion a year," and the opioid crisis is costing $500 billion.

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