Jan 25, 2018

White House makes long-awaited FTC nods official

The White House at nighttime

The White House. Photo: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

The White House said Thursday afternoon it had sent the Senate nominations for four people to serve on the Federal Trade Commission.

Why it matters: For the entirety of Trump's first year in office the FCC had only two members, from different political parties, limiting what it was able to get done.

Only three of five members on the commission can come from a single political party, limiting the president's ability to flood the agency with his allies. Meet the four nominees:

  1. Lawyer Joseph Simons, who Trump plans to designate as the agency's chair
  2. Republican Senate staffer Noah Phillips
  3. Delta Senior Vice President Christine Wilson, who worked for a previous Republican FTC chair
  4. Elizabeth Warren ally Rohit Chopra, who previously worked at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
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