Updated Jan 10, 2018 - World

Chinese investors and firms own majority of 2,400 US companies

Chinese investors and firms own a majority of almost 2,400 American companies employing 114,000 people, about the same number as the combined U.S. staffs of Google, Facebook and Tesla, according to data from MacroPolo.

Why it matters: Chinese trade and investment are among the most divisive topics in the U.S., and a focus of Trump administration threats to crack down against Beijing. MacroPolo's map appears to be the first open-source, county-by-county study of every majority-owned Chinese company in the U.S. — $56 billion worth.

Data: MacroPolo; Chart: Chris Canipe / Axios

How it works: Click on the state to reveal the investment's local financial contribution, how many firms are majority Chinese-owned, and how many employees work at them. As an example, even though Chinese-linked employment in the state is relatively small, Kentucky's circle rivals California's in size, a reflection almost entirely of the 2016, $5.4 billion buyout of GE Appliances in Louisville by Haier.    

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