Dec 20, 2017

News Shapers: NEC Director Gary D. Cohn

Chuck Kennedy

This morning, as tax reform inched closer to passing, Mike Allen discussed the bill's implications with the Director of the National Economic Council Gary D. Cohn. Mike asked him what he would change, what President Trump's goals were, and why the bill is so unpopular.

Axios Business Editor Dan Primack explains what the audience should listen for in Mike's interview with Mr. Cohn. Chuck Kennedy
Mike introduces Mr. Cohn, who was the President of Goldman Sachs until President Trump appointed him to his cabinet. Chuck Kennedy
Mr. Cohn tells Mike he would close the carried interest loophole if he could change one thing about the tax bill. Chuck Kennedy
Mr. Cohn says that President Trump cared most about cutting the corporate tax rate with this bill. Chuck Kennedy
"I don't know" Mr. Cohn says when asked why the tax bill is so unpopular. Chuck Kennedy
Mike learns that Mr. Cohn does not own bitcoin.Chuck Kennedy
150 DCers starting their day with Axios and tax reform. Chuck Kennedy

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