Mar 4, 2017

Rewind: The must-know stories from a busy week

It's been a busy week, let's review.

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Snap grows up: Snap shares opened trading Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange at $24 per share, which is a 41% premium to the $17 per share IPO price. In early trading the stock is climbing even higher. So far, so good. The LA-based "camera company" raised $3.4 billion at around a $24 billion valuation. Now, they just have to keep an eye on their growing competitor, Snow.


Obamacare drama: Some conservative Republicans — like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and co. — aren't happy with the Obamacare replacement plan so far. They worry it will end up a mere "Obamacare lite." Thursday, Paul led a hunt for the "secret repeal bill," which was being stored somewhere in the Capitol. Friday, the new draft leaked, but there were very few changes from the first draft. Conservatives aren't likely to be satisfied with this version either.


The good: Trump gave his address to Congress Tuesday night, and although some argue he's graded on a curve, he crushed it. We saw a different Trump. He stuck to his teleprompter, honored the Navy Seal who lost his life in Yemen, addressed racial hatred and left out a lot of his usual fear tactics.

The bad: But the good doesn't last in politics, and two days after Trump's speech, there was more Russia drama. Come to find out via intelligence info left behind by Obama's administration, Attorney General Jeff Sessions had met with the Russian Ambassador twice last year. The problem is, he swore he hadn't spoken with the Russians during the campaign at his confirmation hearings. Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, but some Dems don't think that's good enough — they want him to resign.

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