Aug 11, 2017

Jim's summer 6: Lessons in building a new digital brand

Axios CEO Jim Vandehei looks back at the 6 things he's learned in the 6 months since launching a new website for smart news consumers in a series of 7 tweets that, alas, he forgot to thread (and sorry the key emoji doesn't render).

Truly obsess about your reader/viewer/listener. Their addiction/appreciation equals long-term biz success ... Related to first one: Never do stupid tricks for clicks OR ad dollars. Short-term high but long-term buzz kill for biz/consumers ... Truly make tech/design as important as content or sales. Great content on clunky site or w cluttered design is disservice, bad biz ... People + purpose = killer execution. Sorry: not all talent is created equal. Huge talent + great values = gold. Go all-in on this type ... If you don't with precision what your company is doing broadly and what you are doing personally, run...clarity of purpose is [key] ... The beauty/curse of today: u can build a brand faster than ever but lose your magic just as quick. play fast, scared & opportunistic
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