Dec 5, 2017

Arianna Huffington: CVS-Aetna deal will make Americans healthier

Photo: Chuck Kennedy / Axios

Thrive Global founder and CEO Arianna Huffington told Axios' Mike Allen this morning that she believes the CVS-Aetna merger is a "very good thing" that will ultimately make Americans healthier by accelerating a behavior change. She cited CVS' previous initiatives to ban tobacco products from their stores and move healthier products to a more prominent place at the front as moves that might now reverberate through the health care system for millions of Americans.

Her biggest lifehack: "My favorite time is at the end of the day when you declare an arbitrary end to the end of your day because there's never a real end of the day…and turning off your phone and charging it outside of your bedroom."

More from Arianna Huffington's conversation during today's Axios Future Shapers event:

  • Huffington believes American should not be afraid of sleep, saying that human beings need seven to nine hours of sleep to fully recharge every day. She cited the Industrial Revolution as a time that made human beings compare their daily downtime to machines, but reinforced that, for humans, "downtime is not a bug, it's a feature."
  • She thinks that hearing from influencers on the importance of sleep "makes a difference in adoption" of healthier habits as Thrive Global has featured pieces from Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, Mark Cuban, and even Selena Gomez on the importance of sleep.
  • Another interesting tip: Huffington recommended not sleeping in the clothes one exercises in as one's brain "gets confusing messages."
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